Bioprinting with Additive Manufacturing

Bioprinting is a technology uses biomaterials to create tissue-like structures in a layer by layer manner similarly to conventional 3D printing.

What is 4D Bioprinting?

4D Bioprinting is based on computer-aided motion and the extrusion-based 4D bioprinting dispenses living cells and biomaterials precisely layer by layer, generating structures that imitate native human tissues and biological systems.

The technology brings key values of automation, biomimetic architecture and on-demand biomanufacturing from vitro applications in novel product screening, disease modelling, and animal alternative experimentation to in vivo application in tissue transplantation and regeneration.

Sharing with you some of the Bioprinters from Rokit Healthcare


Dr. INVIVO 4D2 is the first clean-chamber bioprinter pioneering the way for effective, on-demand biofabrication of human tissue models and implants.
It is capable of printing freeform cell suspensions, hydrogels, thermoplastic filaments, pastes, and other composite materials, enabling both hard and soft tissue engineering.

Dr. INVIVO 4D2 is paving the way in translational research of the bioprinting technology for treating chronic conditions such as diabetic foot ulcers and osteoarthritis.

  • Skin tissue regeneration for diabetic foot ulcer patients
  • Cartilage regeneration for arthritis patients



  • Tissue Engineering and Regenerative Medicine

Produce 3D structures consisting of living cells, biomaterials, and active biomolecules to mimic human tissues for in vitro studies and novel regenerative approaches

  • Toxicology Testing

Use engineered 3D tissues for testing chemical toxicity and efficacy of novel compounds, including cosmetic products and drugs

  • Modeling of Cancer Microenvironments

Recreate complex tumor microenvironments by integrating immune cells, vasculature and stromal cells with tumor spheroids through the printing of compartments and channels within hydrogel matrices

  • Drug Printing and Discovery

Fabricate on-demand fully customizable tablets with personalized shape, porosity, and concentration for drug-loading and release control

  • Soft Robotics

Integrate soft, biocompatible materials with traditional robotics for enhancing function, chemical controls, bio-triggered contraction, and self-healing capabilities upon damage with applications in biosensors and devices


A next generation bioprinting technology should be ready for the most complex challenges in human tissue fabrication and applications. Stepping up from simply laying cells out in a 3-dimensional space, Dr. INVIVO 4D6, with the built-in cell incubator and liquid handling functions, allows the researcher to meet the real needs of keeping cells functional while upgrading researchers’ work to high-throughput usage.

Dr. INVIVO 4D6 guarantees optimal cell growth environments.


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