New, Breakthrough Filament is Safe & Non-Toxic

In the past one year that Ginkgo3D was discovering the joys of 3D printing, a small but persistent undercurrent kept appearing with the waves of enthusiasm and hype for the technology: Are 3D printed products safe?

Following the unnerving results of tests carried out on fish by the University of California Riverside, it comes as a relief that someone has actually come up with a PLA filament that is certified safe.

A Korean plastics manufacturer with the unlikely name of Books and Kimchi (BnK) has produced a PLA filament that has passed muster with the Korean Laboratory Accreditation Scheme KOLAS as an antimicrobial product.

According to BnK, the harmless characteristics of the new filament have been verified by the Société Générale de Surveillance (SGS) and the Society of Industrial Technology for Antimicrobial Articles (SIAA). This certifies that the filament can eliminate up to 99% of common bacteria like colon bacilus and staphylococcus.

BnK achieved this by blending standard PLA with inorganic antibacterial ingredients and eliminating the ingredients that are harmful to health and environment. The product is aptly named Purement and is now available in Korea. As soon as it passes tests in the USA, Purement will be available internationally.

What this means is that young children in schools can 3D print and use the products safely and the medical industry can create affordable, customised prosthetics with a filament they can trust.

This new filament can kill up to 99% of bacteria because it is blended with long-lasting inorganic microbial compounds. This comes as a relief to 3DP users who are concerned about the safety of the filaments they use.

Read up details about the product specifications and certifications at –

This new bacteria-resistant filament has already passed major tests for health and safety standards.

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