First Designers Day Goes Beyond FDM Printing

The First Designers Day received an enthusiastic response.

Ginkgo3D’s first Designers Day got off to a flying start with an intimate gathering of industry specialists, evangelisers and selected designers with different levels of proficiency. The theme of the gathering: “Going Beyond FDM Printing”.

G3D Publisher and Chief Evangeliser Andrew Loh kicked off the event in low key, introducing the Ginkgo3D portal and unveiling the logo to the public for the first time. “You will remember our portal for three things,” said Andrew.

“It is a news place, a marketplace and a meeting place. Ginkgo3D is the place – where 3D printing comes together.”

Opening Vistas

At the company’s headquarters in Kallang Avenue, the guests had their horizons widened through a talk about printing beyond the popular Fused Deposition Modelling, which uses filament only.

G3D Associate Trainer Lu Zhen took the audience beyond filament, into the printing of products using liquid resins, powders and metals utilising different technologies to create different results. For some of the first timers, terms like stereolithography, selective laser sintering, and full-colour powder binding opened new vistas to set their design instincts free. For other practitioners, it was a refresher course of what they already knew.

First to respond was Kenny Yap, veteran furniture designer and part-time tutor at the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, NAFA. He had made the first foray into 3D printing with two pieces of handcrafted and 3D-printed furniture and recently displayed them at the Singapore International Furniture Fair.

Visitors tour the 3D Printing Lab and get to see industrial-strength machines.

“I want to find out more about what materials I can use for my next 3DP designs,” said Kenny. “In future, I hope Ginkgo3D will hold more advanced talks on how I can do this.”

Industrial Grade Machines

From the convention facilities, guests were taken to the 3D Printing Lab and showroom and given the VIP tour. Industrial-strength machines were demonstrated, together with some of the latest tabletop printing machines with dual print heads and even a chocolate printing machine.

In this informal atmosphere, five product design undergraduates from LaSalle College of the Arts were able to ask questions, check out scores of printed samples and glean advice from those already using 3D printing technology in their work.

3DP practitioner and advocate Shafiq Ali of Meka said, “It was a good experience for me, seeing all the industrial-strength printing machines. At the same time, it was wonderful to see the student-designers getting excited about the new technology and dream up new ideas.”

Exchanging Cards, Taking Photos

Among those mingling were designer H.A. Lee, who has made his mark with his 3D-printed cufflinks, Jessica Hii, who set up Singapore’s first public showcase of 3D printing technology along the Singapore River, and Justin Chong a design graduate and a passionate advocate for 3D printing.

When approached, all offered positive feedback on the event and welcomed future events. There was even a request that future Designers Day events would be tailored to different designers with different levels of proficiency.

Justin Chong had this to say: “The 3DP talk by Lu Zhen was a good refresher for me as I already have some knowledge and practice of 3D printing. I look forward to even better presentations in future.”

Among a spread of Western and Straits finger food at the conference room, visitors exchanged more information, together with name cards and the ubiquitous photo-taking.

Justin added, “Future Designers Day events should allow designers to showcase their work, introduce new designers in Ginkgo3D’s website and follow that with a tea and networking session to allow more interaction.

“I hope to also get industry updates, Gingko3D company updates and maybe get some valuable information for designers and business partners alike.”

Mingling with the guests.

As the day neared its close, participants were still moving around, inspecting the many samples of 3D prints at different locations and display cases. Shafiq Ali remarked, “All in all, it was a very positive experience, meeting so many designers young and old – and all very much interested in 3D printing.”

For the organisers, it was also a satisfying outcome and it set the tone for what they would be doing in future Designers Days. As the guests lingered, even as the event drew to an end, Ginkgo3D’s Chief Evangeliser Andrew Loh made a final remark, “People still want to be here, even when the event is closed. I think we’re off to a good start.”

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