Gerald Chin: Rushing Against Time

Gerald Chin at CHUMP showing off his beautiful 3D prints

Gerald Chin lives and breathes 3D printing. Studying Product Design in Nanyang Technological University ADM, 3D modelling and printing for projects are part of his life. His latest assignment, Chrono Rush, features an interesting concept based on the classic Snakes & Ladders game.

The Rush Against Time

Chrono Rush prototype by Gerald Chin

A tabletop board game for four players, Chrono Rush is a race against each other to reach the endpoint in the center of the board. As the name suggests, time is of essence before the outer tier (of the board) is collapsed.

The original concept was based on dice roll and player luck. “However, it made the game a little boring and too unpredictable,” said Gerald. “Chances of game replay would also be low as it is too dependent on luck. Players will not be able to put their intellect to good use.”

Taking into consideration some playtest feedback, he later designed Action cards which added an additional twist and transformed a boring game into one that required player strategy rather than sheer luck.

The Design Process

Parts of the board

Staying true to the game’s identity, Gerald had designed a symbol of an hourglass with flowing energy, which represented Chrono Rush’s relation to time. The bulk of the board game prototype was made of acrylic and cardboard. The hourglass game counters were designed and 3D printed using his Zortrax m200 printer.

3D Printed Hourglass game counters

The Designer

An avid coffee lover, Gerald was the winner of the CHUMP badge design competition 2015, organised by 3DLantis and held in August to raise funds for charity. According to Gerald, the design of the badge was based on the event’s catchphrase. The heart symbolised the act of giving, revolving around CHUMP’s values which included Exploration, Participation, Doing Good and Learning from the heart.

He also emerged first in the Singapore 3D Printed Toys, Gadgets & Gizmos Design Challenge 2014, also organised by 3DLantis. His winning entry La Spirale was “a minimalistic and elegant spinning top composed of spirals of different thickness.” Users would experience a Bistable Optical Illusion whereupon spinning the top, the two spirals would seemingly merge into one.

“Some observers initially see the top spinning clockwise and some anti-clockwise. Additionally, some may see the top suddenly spin in the opposite direction,” said Gerald. Currently, Gerald is working on designing 3D printed wearable products such as spectacles and watches, adding his unique slant into otherwise ordinary or ordinary projects.

Gerald’s winning design entries

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