More Unique Christmas Gifts for 2016

Feeling generous this Christmas? Take a look at these cool contraptions as gifts for your friends and social circles here if you have a budget above $20!

1) Sine Wave Spoon Holder

Credits: makinit (

You don’t need to be a math geek to appreciate this quirky spoon holder designed like a sine wave. It helps to keep dirty stir spoons off the counter when you’re cooking. Get it here.

2) THE HIVE Mini Stackable Hex Drawer

Credits: dto26 (

This useful storage compartment is stackable. Get it here.

3) Multi-Tie Hanger

Credits: thistof (

Save space in your closet with this tie hanger! It can hold multiple ties at once and is customisable. Get it here!

4) Jewellery Tree Stand

Jewellery Tree Stand

For your lady friends, consider getting them this lovely jewellery stand as an alternative to expensive boutique display cases. Get them here.

5) Perpetual Flip Calendar

Credits: O.T. VINTA (

An interesting way to tell the date, this is a useful and welcome addition to anyone’s home or work desk. It is available in bright and cheerful colours to brighten up your day. Get this colourful gimmick here.

If you budget is less than $20, there are choices available for you! Check them out here.

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