Opportunities At Ginkgo3D’s Jewellery Event

Ginkgo3D’s jewellery event attracted an overwhelming response from traditional and digital jewellery designers alike to a cosy showcase of jewellery design methods and 3D printing.

Speakers widened the attendees’ horizons by covering various aspects of 3D printing trends and opportunities in the jewellery industry.

This ranged from education to software and solutions.

Calvin Ho of Ginkgo3D started the ball rolling by introducing Ginkgo3D.

Sandra Fie of Raffles Design Institute talked about 3D printing used in jewellery design. Some of her students also presented their works, highlighting the process from design to finish.

Mark Ch’ng of Freeform outlined the differences between traditional and digital design for jewellery. One of the CAD software highlighted was RhinoGold, a software specifically for designing jewellery.

3D Printing veteran Koh Buk Sing shares his 15 years of industrial experience with various brands of 3D printers.

Design veteran Way Tay described his entrepreneurial journey in 3D printed jewellery and highlighted the advantages and disadvantages of using 3D printing.

Need funding and 3D printing for your business but don’t know where to start? Look no further than NAMIC, as presented by Mahendran Reddy. 

3D Printers can be expensive, therefore Guillaume Cuny of Grenke offers the benefits of leasing and managing cash flow to finance businesses.

As the day neared its close, participants were invited to an exclusive site tour. They inspected the many samples in display cases and 3D printers and haptic devices at different locations.

A tour of the facilities from software and haptic devices to 3D printers gave visitors a chance to see the spectrum of services.

Designer Soon Ping of Tinkerwerx commented: “This event is good as it allows designers like us to see the big printers at work.”

Andrew Tan of Sara Taseer Fine Jewellery said: “The event was informative, but we are hoping to look for end-to-end solutions for smaller jewellers like us.”

Organisers Ching Ka Shen and Calvin Ho were all smiles.

Ka Shen commented: “It is inspiring to see many jewellers turn up, aspiring to take up new technologies to transform their manufacturing workflows. It’s well worth perspiring for the past few months to deliver a great event to the attendees.”

Calvin had this to add: “It was a good show.”

Ginkgo3D posing with Sandra Fie and her students.

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