Pets Getting Miniaturised as 3D Printed Figurines

Making little figurines or statuettes of pets is a trend that has spread from the US, Japan and Europe to Singapore.

Pet lovers – you may have seen the trend of pet owners in US, Europe and Japan posting pictures of their miniature pet figurines on social media. Now you can rejoice and get a 3D printed figurine of your beloved pet for yourself.

Animal Arts Academy is bringing this trend to Singapore. For some time, the figurine of a toy poodle on display in their Academy has attracted much attention from their customers, who found it interesting and expressed interest to have one for memory’s sake. One even commented, “Wow, that really looks a lot like your dog Bruno!“

Kingsly Tan, Principal of the Academy, could spot subtle differences between the figurine and his own dog, but he still finds it very close.

Kingsly says, “There are some pet owners who display photos of their pets not just on Facebook, but also at home. Adding 3D figurines of their pets would make great additions to shelf decorations along with these photo frames.”

Kingsly Tan, with his prize-winning toy poodle Bruno at a recent dog show.

In the past, 3D printed figurines were more commonly used for human subjects because they were required to stay still while being scanned, which is difficult for pets.

Today, computer software can convert ordinary photographs into 3D models, doing away with the tedious task of scanning. It works on most common pets, including dogs, cats, turtles, lizards and birds – as long as they can stay still enough to be photographed.

Photos of pets taken from three different angles are used to create a 3D image for printing a figurine.

How do you get your beloved cat, dog or cockatoo 3D printed? All you need is just three photos from different angles of your pet, and your dreams of having a pet figurine can come true.

The three photos will be sent to the 3D printing lab to be converted into a 3D printable file, and then it is printed layer by layer to form a solid object in full colour.

A large 3D printer like this is used to print a full-colour miniature of the pet. Printing may take up to several hours.

Printing may take several hours depending on the complexity and size of the figurine. After cleaning and post-processing touch-ups, you finally get a miniaturized version of your beloved pet!

Most importantly to Kingsly, the figurines are of great sentimental value. “In fact, pet owners would appreciate it a lot of a they received a 3D printed figurine gift of their own pet,” he says, “Such a gift is much more personal than off-the-shelf items.”

He joked that it would require a thoughtful person who knows how to take pictures of a pet discreetly for this gift to surprise his friend.

Ginkgo3D’s Ka Shen with the 3D figurine of Kingley’s pet poodle Bruno.

If you would like to have a unique keepsake of the pet that you treasure, please contact us at [email protected] or Animal Arts Academy at [email protected] to find out more.




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