Project: History

Meet the Designer

Graduating soon from Raffles Design Institute, Zhen Rong is an inquisitive product designer. She is also recognised as one of the three winners of the Raffles x Ginkgo3D Design Contest 2017. By the age of 20, she has already made countless creative products and has now ventured into making things using 3D Printing.

Project: History

Context & Inspiration

The idea was all about modular design system,  which brings with it a lot of flexibility and benefits. One good example will be computer systems. Software can be grouped in modular ways that can be organised in several combinations. The modular design of computer memory chips provides computer owners with the option of increasing the memory on their computer when needed. If the design of the computer and memory chips were not modular in this way, the only practical method of upgrading computer memory would be to buy a new computer. While adults enjoy the benefits of modularity, how can kids benefit from it?

What’s with a toy without a story? The kids only learn the fun of it. But what if a toy teaches kids a long forgotten history, from which they learn the lessons for their future? That’s when the modular P51 came about. It is in hope that this toy gets kids excited with its different design with every change of components, and from it, they learn about history. It is also cost-saving! Just like the computer, when kids break parts of this P51 plane toy, they can just get the components they need, without having to buy a new set.

Final Product





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