Singapore Maker Extravaganza 2019

Happening over last weekend, 18th – 20th October 2019, at Science Centre Annexe Halls 1 – 3, Maker Extravaganza is an annual event that showcases amazing work of all kinds and ages of makers, including students from schools.

The theme for 2019 is “Sustainable Development Goals” covering areas of Quality Education, Good health and Well being, Clean Energy, Reduced Consumption and Production, Decent Work and Economic Growth, Innovation and Infrastructure, etc applied using S.T.E.A.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics)

Do-It-Yourself Makers

The rule to be a maker is passionate, creative, innovative and inspiration. Makers need to think of the box and problem-solver.

Stepping into the hall with all the creative and innovative crafts by the makers really amazed me.

From diy food miniature to hand-made rubber gun to creating structures from straws from young children, students from various schools, hobbyist and adults, you can feel their passion. 

3D Printing Community Group

It’s an annual event for the 3D Printing group of hobbyists to get together and showcase their projects that they have been working on lately. 

Meet Soon Ping from Tinkerwerx – A friendly lady who likes to draw comics and create storyboards when young. She gets inspirations from interesting geometric shapes, motifs, graphics related to life science and nature for her jewellery.
Meet Ryan Khoo – A bubbly and patience guy who is passionate on 3D printing. He designed some of the projects and some are downloaded but he enhanced the finishing with touched up painting to get a better look.
Meet The Hedo Masuta – A creative guy whom enhanced the existing figurines with resin hair and apply Sephora makeup on the figurines. Look at the dinosaurs! Aren’t they look real? These are dinosaurs bought from shop but with extra touch up, they look different.
Many more projects showcasing at their 3D printing community group booths…
Let’s give a round of applause!

Showcase by Schools

Invited by the outspoken students from Chongzheng Primary School to their booth to share with us the growth mindset in children through DIY craft and board game.

Another booth that caught our attention is the bicycle parked at the booth. “Paddle & Charge” is the title of the project. Promoting healthy lifestyle at the same time, rewarding you with your device charging while you paddling on the bicycle. The faster you paddle, the faster it charge.

The board with plenty of holes trained your patience by moving the ball to the top without dropping the ball into the holes. User need to balance the holder and the ball by pulling the left and right string.

Young Technopreneurs For A Sustainable 2030

Marina Bay: REimagined – created by Winston, Bhuvan and Jia Ni.

They re-created Marina Bay in the virtual world from scratch all by themselves on the gaming platform Roblox. Their aim is to use the game to educate young people on the importance of sustainable living through simulating the consequences of environmental degradation.

A day is not enough – too many wonderful and amazing stuffs by the makers.

Thank you the organisers and the makers to make this event a great success.

Looking forward for the next Maker Extravaganza!

The Ginkgo Press Team

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