Surveillance Cameras Using 3D Printing

LASALLE College of the Arts designer Mirabelle Peh takes on a unique approach to surveillance cameras and spotlights in her final year project.

Mirabelle wants to portray the creepy, unusual feeling of being watched through a surveillance camera. Designed as a lamp, it aims to shed light on.

The idea of using crows in her design came to her when she saw them at coffee shops. The stern and imposing impression she got was later transferred to her concept design and production.

“My school president saw them during the graduation show. He liked them so much that he placed an order on the spot,” says Mirabelle, who is making a brand new set of Crows for LASALLE President Professor Steve Dixon.

Simple and Significant
Mirabelle took three days to design her model using Rhino 5, basing her design on crow models and surveillance cameras.

“It was easy to find existing models that I can reference for my project,” says Mirabelle. “Then I used MeshMixer to generate the G-code before 3D printing the prototype.”

With assistance from her friend Jaeme Goh and Ginkgo3D’s Calvin Ho, she spent several days fine-tuning her 3D printed crows.

The crows’ bodies were 3D printed in four parts using FDM printers and the surveillance camera parts purchased and fitted. They were joined and reinforced for additional stability. Then Mirabelle post-processed the model using wood filler and sanding to smoothen the surfaces. Lights were installed last.

Problems Faced
“During the assembly, I realised the body was too small for the head. It was a miscalculation on my part,” says Mirabelle.

Enhanced Design
The second attempt was printed in two halves using SLA and only took three days to complete the post-processing.

For future orders of her Crows, Mirabelle plans on refining the design for ease of assembly. She is considering printing the Crows as full models with internal routing for the wire and replacing the process of soldering with connectors.

Like any product designer, she wants her designs to be ready for production.
Having graduated from LASALLE, she is looking to continue pursuing her interests in product design.

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