MTA Asia

An Overview of  MTA2019 MTA will penetrate the core of ASEAN’s manufacturing markets in Thailand and the region. With a focus on Advanced Technologies for Manufacturing Excellence, the event aims to deliver high-value capabilities and technologies for quality manufacturing in the… Continue reading

A Stupendous Experience at 2nd Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Forum – Part 1

“Redefining Manufacturing Excellence: The Dawn of The Smart Factory” is the theme for this year 2nd Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Forum 2019 held from 24th – 26th April 2019 at Four Seasons Hotel. This three days conference is a global… Continue reading

2nd Smart Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 Forum

About the Forum Singapore’s strength in manufacturing is undeniably one of the city-state’s best kept secrets. Besides being a global financial and banking hub, Singapore has developed itself as an important manufacturing centre in industries ranging from electronics and precision… Continue reading