The Art of Corporate Gift Giving


A camera with a customised, monogrammed lens cover can make a great corporate gift.

Corporate gifts should create value, rather than simply reducing the cost of mass production.

Today’s gift market is changing to a consultant-driven approach where professional consultants will curate a whole-year-round gift solution for clients to align with the client’s overall marketing strategy.

This includes proposals, gift design and packaging. There is a shift from practical and economical gifts such as pens and notebooks to small batches of customised items, often focused on brand value.

“Giving gift is all about igniting their customers’ desire of having the gift to achieve marketing objectives,” says Ray Leung, CEO of Hong Kong corporate gift company GiftU. He emphasises the importance of creating value, rather than reducing the cost by mass production.

Customised items focus on brand value. Left: Celtic Ring. Right: Designer 3D printed furniture combines wood with printed parts and joints.

Benefits of 3D Printing to Corporate Gifting

To add value, there is a need to focus more on creating solutions which allow personalisation.

“Personalisation has always had its appeal and is observing an upward growth in demand in retail globally,” says Amy Read, CEO and founder of Gifts Less Ordinary. 3D printing has the huge advantage of producing unique designs in small quantities. It is as easy as tweaking a part of the design, such as adding names to each product, to make each gift stand out.

These Dolphin Skull cufflinks stand out due to their unique design and will make great gifts for animal lovers.

This Lucky Money Toad Ring is a take on the popular feng shui charm for prosperity. It makes a great value-added gift for clients and business partners who believe in the benefits of feng shui.

There are fierce competitors in the gifting market. Companies provide highly similar services or products, and there is no absolute advantage among industries. To have a successful branding campaign, your brand must be personal enough for consumers to identify and build the relationship with.

Want something unique for your customers, something iconic, something they will associate with you? Why not consider 3D printing. It allows you to take ownership of your envisioned design and turn it to reality. By matching corporate gifts to the type of company personality that requires promoting, you will able to hit the right chord with the consumers.

Left: Customisation of 3D printed buttons is available according to customer requests. Right: Besides 3D printing such as this cute Bulbasaur planter, Geargina Tan uses UV printing to add names and logos for corporate branding.

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