Transform into Smart Factories, or Risk Becoming Redundant

At MSE 2017, emerging technologies and solutions aim to help businesses in the manufacturing industry. Source: MSE

Automation of manufacturing processes, higher level of internet connectivity and use of big data analytics will turn many operations into ‘smart’ factories with higher productivity, greater reliability and customisation.

Businesses who fail to embrace this transformation may risk being disrupted or made redundant in the current regional and global landscape. This was the message at the Future of Manufacturing: Digital Transformation conference.

There was a heavy focus on smart factories and streamlining design and production. Companies were urged to transform their business models and operations through leveraging Industrial Internet-of-Things (IoT) and Industry 4.0.

Considering that manufacturing remains a critical component of Singapore’s economic landscape, it is therefore imperative to the sustainability of Singapore’s economy that the manufacturing industry embraces digitalisation to compete with regional and global players.

Modern Pak is a food packaging company which made the switch to 3D printing and digitalising inventory due to lack of storage space and degrading moulds as a result of local weather. These moulds are 3D printed.

Merging 3D printed moulds and traditional thermoforming is an example of how old and new technology can work together.

The conference was part of the 4th edition of Manufacturing Expo (MSE), which brings together emerging technologies and solutions within the manufacturing environment. New technologies, latest trends and smart solutions provide visitors with abundant opportunities to exchange ideas, network and explore business prospects to prepare for a world of digitalisation in this fast-changing and challenging landscape.

At the Additive Manufacturing Showcase, companies displayed real applications of the ways 3D printing improves the efficiency of traditional technologies such as investment casting and thermoforming. Case studies showed how 3D printing digitalises inventory, frees up storage space from current factory moulds and allows design modifications whenever required.

MSE 2017 showcases the latest manufacturing techniques to enhance productivity excellence across the different industries.


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