Ultimaker Transformation Summit 2021 Made The Difference

Ultimaker held their virtual Ultimaker Transformation Summit over four days from April 20th to April 23rd, 2021, catering to various regions with vision keynotes, product launches, and demonstrations.

The Ultimaker Transformation summit is elevated to the next stage of virtual event with the completely personalized and immersive showroom. Bringing the Ultimaker Ecosystem to life allows attendees to explore the Ultimaker product range, download white papers, watch a video presentation, and interact with 3D printing experts through live chat and an online live conference.

The Ultimaker Transformation Summit brings together experts, partners, and users to share key vision perspectives, as well as explore innovation, inspiration, and real-world applications. During this pandemic, we need enabling technology that provides companies with flexibility and long-term value.

On the first day of Ultimaker Transformation Summit, Jürgen von Hollen, CEO of Ultimaker gave an opening speech about the company’s vision and future, as well as exciting news and inspiration about how to use Ultimaker’s platform to turn your competitive edge.

Coming up next is “Transformation Start Here” with Benjamin Tan, VP of Asia Pacific at Ultimaker, discusses Ultimaker’s collaboration with partners in the R&D, commercial, and academic sectors.

Jürgen von Hollen, CEO of Ultimaker

A full series of awesome sessions lining up in the live conference webinar shown below:

1. Opening Session – Jurgen von Hollen, CEO of Ultimaker

Learn about the future of the 3D printing ecosystem. Jürgen von Hollen kicks off with exciting news and inspiration on how to use 3D printing to transform your competitive advantage with the Ultimaker plalform.

2. Transformation Starts Here – Matt Griffin and Regional Lead (Sandar Cornelissens, Kirk Matsuo, Benjamin Tan)

Ultimaker’s Global Research & Analytics Director, Rohit Jhamb, presents the key findings from this year’s 3D Printing Sentiment Index. Hear how the awareness and maturity of 3D printing advanced as companies worldwide transformed their businesses to respond to the challenges of an exceptionally volatile year.

3. Software stories: Make it happen with the Ultimaker Platform – Elder Linssen, Carien de Heus, Terri-Ann dela Cruz, Roger Bergs)

Discover how Ultimaker software transforms manufacturing. Our experts demonstrate, together with Sualp Ozel from Autodesk, how Ultimaker’s new software packages enable collaboration, integration and innovation. Together we can make it happen.

4. Open Innovation: developing for the UM platform using APIs – Chris ter Beke

Ultimaker Software Architect, Chris ter Beke shares practical examples of using Ultimaker’s API to develop new solutions and integrate Ultimaker software products into existing company infrastructure.

5. The magic of materials to make functional parts happen – Bart van As

Choosing the right material for functional parts doesn’t have to be difficult. Learn how to make it happen with an open 3D printing ecosystem that provides a seamless user experience and just works.

6. Transform advanced use cases with Ultimaker ecosystem partners – Matt Griffin

Ready for take-off? Hear how our ecosystem partners Teton Sim and LEHVOSS Group enable our customer to create tomorrow’s application today.

7. How Ultimaker makes applications happen. Behind the scenes at Ultimaker production line – Jeremy Evers, Stijn Spanjaard

Did you know that Ultimaker uses more than 500 different 3D printed applications in its own factory? Meet the application engineers that made it happen and learn how to get ahead with the CastorID identification software.

8. Unlock the magic of metal with the Ultimaker ecosystem – Andrea Gasperini, Tobias Rodimeier (BASF Forward AM)

Hear how Ultimaker’s ecosystem and close collaboration with BASF enables customers to produce affordable, highly functional metal parts. Learn from other real life use cases how they made it happen.

Looking forward for their next Ultimaker Summit!

Kudos to Ultimaker!!!


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