Unauthorized Possession of Digital Blueprints for Manufacture of Guns Using 3D Printing Is A Crime In Singapore

Image credits to newsroom.co.nz from the manifesto of the alleged German gunman showing a homemade submachine gun with 3D printed parts and magazines.

Following Desmond Tan proposed law to Guns, Explosive and Weapons Control Bill in the parliament, (4 January 2021). The Singapore Parliament enacted a new law under the Guns, Explosive and Weapons Control Bill to further tighten the control of possessing guns or gun related parts. This new law carries with a higher penalty for such possession.  (5 January 2021)


“Today, a person could easily find on an internet, materials for gun on making an unauthorized of digital blueprint from internet and manufacturer a fully workable gun using a 3D printer and a gun blueprint taken from the internet.”

– Minister of State for Home Affairs Desmond Tan


A person commits an offense if the person possesses a digital blueprint for the manufacture of a gun or a major part of a gun on a 3D printer or on an electronic milling machine without a license.

Possession includes scenario where a person in Singapore physically possesses a storage device containing such blueprint or where a person in Singapore stores a blueprint out of Singapore such as in an oversea cloud storage device.

This is not to target a person who is genuine no knowledge and could not reasonably expected to have known that he/she possessed the blueprint for making a gun. For example, a person who merely browse out of curiosity and find on internet a gun blueprint and the blueprint is temporary stored in the browser cache.

A person is exempt from this section under the following session in relation to that manufacturer of the gun or major part of a gun:

  • 87 (General exemption of law enforcement, etc.)
  • 88 (Exemption for defence purpose)
  • 89 (Administrative exemption)

On the safer side, if you are unsure whether the dummy gun, toy gun or accessories will cause unnecessary suspicious or violate the law, try not to design, or print any guns or weapons using 3D printers if you do not have the license.

With the advancement of 3D printing technologies and materials, 3D printing helps many industries to speed up productivity and enhances in innovation. 

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