Virtual Reality, Hoverboards & All That Pizzazz

Project Hex – Gerald Chin’s Final Year Project combines a Personal Mobility Device and a virtual reality game into a sleek and stylish package.

The Ginkgo3D team met Gerald Chin in 2015 when he was a third year Product Design undergraduate at NTU. Even then, he displayed an infectious enthusiasm in the design of games and artefacts printed in 3D. (See

We immediately recruited Gerald to be our Designer-For-Hire. Fast forward two years later, and here he is, displaying his sleek final year project at the NTU Art, Design and Media Graduation Show, ready to take on the world.

In brief, Gerald’s product is an omnidirectional hoverboard that is used in a strategy game played in a virtual reality environment. Access his blog here for the video and all the details:

Visitors trying out the virtual reality game at the ADM Show.

To Gerald, the double function of the hoverboard as a Personal Mobility Device as well as a gaming device is what makes it so interesting. And as he prepares to immerse himself into the working world, he is quick to thank his sponsors AFT and Autodesk for their help in making his concept a reality. Autodesk has already given him a post as their in-house product designer.

Gerald says he will continue to be Ginkgo3D’s Designer-For-Hire outside office hours. In the meantime, the young man is open to discussions with potential investors to build and market his design.

To which we can only say – merci and bon chance! 

An energetic demonstration of Gerald’s Hovercraft Personal Mobility Device.

Gerald as a Designer-For-Hire for Ginkgo3D, at Inside 3D Printing 2016.

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