Voxeljet: No Stranger to Hollywood and Architecture

Boasting a well-coordinated product range that reaches from smaller entry models to large-format machines, voxeljet offers a 3D print system for different application areas. Their customer base includes well-known automotive manufacturers and their suppliers, foundries as well as innovative companies from the arts design, movie and entertainment industry.

In Hollywood

voxeljet is definitely no stranger to Hollywood. PropShop, a subsidiary of voxeljet, has been using voxeljet printers to produce highly detailed props used in hit movies such as The Avengers: Age of Ultron, Kingsman: The Secret Service, and most recently Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

Thor’s Hammer used in the movies

Their 3D printed works range from hand-held props to costumes and large-scale vehicles. With a long history of working in the film industry, PropShop has an arsenal of knowledge and tools to fabricate props to their client’s specifications, no matter how strange or unusual the request.

3D printed car used in Skyfall

Printing Historic Monuments

The reconstruction of the historic Liebknecht portal in Berlin showcases voxeljet large-format printers’ ability to produce high quality, highly detailed and precise prints. In this project, 100 sand moulds were printed, each individual mould the volume of 1.5 cubic metres. A 1:1 copy would also be constructed and placed in the Berlin City Palace.

The challenge was to prepare an exact template for the sculptors, so they could begin with the production of the copy. To circumvent the problem of potential damage to the original portal during handling, an innovative method combining touch-less 3D scanning and subsequent physical creation via 3D sand printing was conceived.

“The entire order was comprised of approximately 100 individual jobs, including molds measuring 1.5 x 1.0 x 1.0 metres. We can also use our large-format printers to print larger components with a volume of up to eight cubic metres, but we left it at a maximum of 1.5 cubic metres so as not to limit the handling of individual components,” says voxeljet CEO Dr. Ingo Ederer.

The results? A geometrically undistinguishable copy of the historic portal with excellent print quality, precision and detail of the sand moulds, using the VX4000 printer. Now it is up to the sculptors, who will use the 3D print as a template, to sculpt a perfect copy of the Liebknecht portal in sandstone.

Monument building process

Printing Room Sculptures

Digital Grotesque was a project by Michael Hansmeyer and Benjamin Dillenburger, from the CAAD Chair of the Eidgenössische Institut für Technologie (ETH) in Zurich, Switzerland. Spreading 16 meters, it displayed a highly detailed space with more than 200 million facets to research the enormous complexity and aesthetics of shapes that can be built accurately with 3D printing.

The grotto consisted of approximately 80 individual components, some of which were very large. “Our VX4000 printer is able to print shapes with a volume of up to eight cubic meters. We believe that this printer was the ideal machine for this demanding project,” said voxeljet CEO, Dr. Ingo Ederer.

Parts were painted and assembled at the ETH. Despite the amount of detail, each part was a perfect fit with the next, so the grotto was assembled smoothly and rapidly.

Different Stages of Production of ‘Digital Grotesque’

Voxeljet will be bringing their expertise in architecture and prop-making to Inside 3D Printing Singapore. Do check them out!

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